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Navid Redjal, MD, FAANS

Navid Redjal-53SJ Magazine Top Docs 2023

Director, Neurosurgical Oncology

Dr. Navid Redjal, director of Neurosurgical Oncology, is a board certified, Harvard trained neurosurgeon with extensive research and clinical background in neuro-oncology. He has been involved in significant translational brain cancer research and neuro-oncology clinical trials with research fellowships at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Redjal graduated from Harvard Medical School with honors, specifically completing the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Society curriculum with research thesis focusing on targeted therapeutics for brain cancer. After completing medical school, he did his residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard neurosurgery program where he also completed a stereotactic proton radiosurgery fellowship. He is board certified in neurological surgery and a diplomate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery. He is also a Fellow of American Association of Neurological Surgeons (FAANS).

Following his residency, Dr. Redjal joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School as an instructor in surgery while also serving as an attending neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. After his time at MGH, Dr. Redjal joined Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles as an attending neurosurgeon with focus in neuro-oncology and worked with neuro-oncologists to advance participation in brain cancer clinical trials.

He specializes in complex brain surgery including awake surgery, language and motor mapping, minimally invasive neuro-endoscopic surgery utilizing detailed MRI-based neuro-navigation with diffuse tensor imaging and intraoperative ultrasound. He also uses the CyberKnife® System in collaboration with radiation oncologists to treat a variety of brain and spine tumors.

Dr. Redjal has conducted significant translational research in targeted local therapy for brain cancer and has been published in a number of medical journals devoted to neurosurgery and cancer research. He has been involved with Congress of Neurologic Surgeons glioma guidelines committee and has coauthored treatment guidelines for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and low grade gliomas. He currently leads the weekly Neuro-Oncology Multi-disciplinary Tumor Board at the Capital Health Cancer Center.

Dr. Redjal is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, the Society for Neuro-Oncology, and a number of other professional societies.

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What patients are saying about Dr. Redjal:

"My wife had a sudden onset seizure 10 hours from home during our vacation. Together with Dr. Linden and the ER doctor at the hospital down south, he crafted a treatment plan so we could transport her home by car. This all occurred on a Wednesday and we were in to see Dr. Redjal on Friday. We couldn't ask for more compassion and accommodation to help deal with my wife's medical condition."

"Compassionate and extremely professional. Makes the patient feel more comfortable about their condition. Highly recommend Dr. Redjal."

"Dr. Redjal is just such a nice person. He listens and he kindly answers questions. As are his staff. Very well informed and caring. All of the staff in the neurosciences division at Hopewell are excellent."

“Dr. Redjal has the rare combination of being both a good communicator and an excellent surgeon. I am gratified to have been his patient.”

“The team of Dr. Redjal, Diana, PA, and Mike, RN is amazing. Their excellence is very apparent, yet that excellence is coupled with a very comforting warmth and friendliness. I wish I had not needed their service, but I feel very blessed to have had them attending my issue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them so much!”

“Dr. Redjal and his team are the very best at providing care for me. He saved my life and he and his team treated me perfectly, as well as the hospital.”

“Dr. Redjal and his team put me at ease and addressed any questions I had. Mike and Diana (his PA and nurse) were attentive and actually listened to what I had to say and none of it was lost in translation when relayed to Dr. Redjal. This was most impressive.”

“Dr. Redjal listened and answered all my concerns. He provided me with a diagnosis, plan of action, expectations, but most of all was the sweetest and most caring doctor.”