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Capital Health Patient Portals

Your hospital visit

Your hospital visit

If you would like to view information about your hospital visit, please click the links below.

Hospital Portal (current)

Please be advised that we transitioned to a new hospital portal on February 6, 2021. To access your records for dates of service after February 6, please register for the new portal by visiting In order to self-enroll, you will need your Community Medical Record Number (CMRN) which can be found on your discharge instructions provided after your visit. Your CMRN can also be obtained by calling the Health Information Management Department at 609-303-4085 during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.). For assistance with the new hospital portal after normal business hours, please contact Cerner Support at 866-550-7304 (4:30 p.m. - 8 a.m.).

In addition, we recommend that you print copies of your records from the below portal in the event you are not able to access the portal in the future.

If you wish to access records for dates of service after February 6, 2021 and you have registered for the new portal, click on the link above to access your information. If you wish to access records for dates of service prior to February 6, 2021, click on the link below.

Hospital Portal (old)

If you wish to grant authorized representatives access to your Hospital Patient Portal at Capital Health, click below to download/print our form.

If you wish to cancel a previously authorized representative's access to your Hospital Patient Portal at Capital Health, click here to download/print our form.

Your doctor's office visit

Doctor talking with patient

If you would like to view information about your visit to one of our Capital Health Medical Group offices, please click the link below.

Doctor's Office Portal

These offices include:

  • Capital Health Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Capital Health Center for Digestive Health
  • Capital Health Corporate Health Center
  • Capital Health - Endocrinology Specialists
  • Capital Health - Gastroenterology Specialists
  • Capital Health - Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialists
  • Capital Health - Infectious Disease Specialists
  • Capital Health - Heart Care Specialists
  • Capital Health Metabolic & Weight Loss Center
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Bordentown
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Browns Mills
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Hamilton
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Hopewell
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Langhorne
  • Capital Health OB/GYN - Lawrenceville
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Bordentown
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Browns Mills
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Brunswick Avenue
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Columbus
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Ewing
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Hamilton
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Hopewell
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Lawrenceville
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Levittown
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Mountain View
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Newtown
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Nottingham
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Parkside
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Princeton
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Quakerbridge
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Robbinsville
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Washington Crossing
  • Capital Health Primary Care - Yardley
  • Capital Health - Pulmonology Specialists
  • Capital Health - Rheumatology Specialists
  • Capital Health Specialty Practices - Bordentown
  • Capital Health Specialty Practices - Lower Makefield
  • Capital Health Specialty Practices - Newtown
  • Capital Health Surgical Group
  • Capital Health Surgical Group - Breast Surgery
  • Capital Health Surgical Group - Gynecologic Oncology
  • Capital Health - Urology Specialists
  • Capital Institute for Neurosciences
  • Comprehensive Sleep Associates of New Jersey
  • Plastic Surgery Associates of New Jersey