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Neuroscience Clinical Research

Capital Institute for Neurosciences participates in, and develops, numerous research studies and clinical trials. The goal is to help provide greater understanding of neurological diseases, develop new methods to detect and diagnose those diseases, and focus on innovative treatments that are not broadly available to patients.

Clinical trials offer patients some of the very latest in care while giving physicians and researchers the opportunity to study the safety and effectiveness of new treatments. Participation is voluntary.

Our experienced neurologists and neurosurgeons, and research nurses, carefully review study criteria, potential benefits, risks, and other considerations with eligible patients for enrollment into a clinical study. Once enrolled, our clinical research staff carefully monitors patients throughout the research trial and is available to answer questions.

To learn more about our ongoing trials available at Capital Health, please contact Dr. Patrick DeDeyne at 609-394-4130 or by e-mail [email protected] for more information.


Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation Evaluation for Dysphagia after Stroke (PhEED)

PI: Dr. H. Christian Schumacher
Sub-I: Drs. Kevin McGuigan and Madhu Jain - St. Lawrence Rehabilitation
Sponsor: Phagenesis

Tenecteplase in Stroke Patients Between 4 and 24 Hours (TIMELESS)

PI: Dr. Dustin Rochestie
Co-I: Dr. Christian Schumacher
Sponsor: Genentech


Neuro-Oncology/Brain Tumors

3D-Prediction of Patient-Specific Response (3D-PREDICT) – Glioblastoma Multiforme

PI: Dr. Navid Redjal
Sponsor: Kiyatec


Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Malignant Brain Tumors

The purpose of this research is to analyze and collect brain tumor tissue to help further molecularly and biochemically characterize these lesions to help better understand this disease and, ultimately, add to the scientific data to help find new and effective treatments.

PI: Dr. Navid Redjal
Co-I: Dr. Joshua Rabinowitz, Princeton University
Sponsor: Capital Health


OS and PFS after Neuro Oncological Surgery with or without Radiation Therapy

Assess current trends and quality of life outcomes in utilization of SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) and WBRT (Whole Brain Radiation Therapy) in adult brain tumor patients.

PI: Dr. Navid Redjal
Co-I: Drs. Timothy Chen and Shirnett Williamson
Sponsor: Capital Health


Observation or Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients with Newly Diagnosed Grade II Meningioma that has been Completely Removed by Surgery (NRG- BN003)

PI: Dr. Navid Redjal
Co-I: Drs. Timothy Chen and Shirnett Williamson
Sponsor: NRG-NCI



Outcomes and Quality of Life after Spine Surgery

Narrative: Assessment of quality of life outcomes and comparison to national standards in patients after selected spine surgery.

PI: Dr. Lee Buono
Sponsor: Capital Health



Retrospective Collection of Non-Contrast Head CT images for Clinical Evaluation of MaxQ-AI Accipio Family Software

The primary objective of this retrospective image collection study is to obtain study image data in order to establish and document ground truth for each subject. This study will create a library of image data that will be used for retrospective reader studies and standalone testing.

PI: Dr. Chirag Shukla
Co-I: Dr. Ajay Choudri
Sponsor: MaxQ-IA