Information Technology Security Incident

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Private Rooms for Safer Patients

To make our hospitals safer for patients, hospital staff and visitors, all patient rooms at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell and most of the rooms at Capital Health Regional Medical Center are private to help prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and promote a healing environment. By integrating best practices from across the country, and by borrowing from Clemson University’s “patient room of the future,” our project designers and architects formulated a room that is designed for patient safety, comfort and care. 

For example, a typical room at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell has:

  • The exact same configuration as every other room in the hospital in order to promote efficiency among staff and help ensure patient safety. 
  • The head of the bed on an angled wall with the patient facing exterior windows. 
  • The bed situated so that nurses can view the patient from the doorway as they walk by. 
  • The bathroom in each room on the same wall as the bed so patients can use the wall to steady themselves to prevent falls. In addition, bathrooms are specially designed with no lips on the floor to make them even safer for those at risk for falls.