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Longitudinal Experiences

Pharmacy Operations

All residents have a yearlong operational staffing commitment designed to ensure that they gain experience and can function as a general pharmacist.

In addition, residents are tasked with accepting a leadership/supervisory role on weekend shifts to build a broader array of skills.

Transitions of Care

Transitions of care is a longitudinal experience in which the resident provides consultative services longitudinally for inpatient needs, including but not limited to transitional consultations with health coaches and patients preparing for discharge, such as reviewing discharge medication reconciliation. Additionally, residents will participate in outpatient educational sessions with pulmonary/cardiac rehabilitation patients.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning is a longitudinal experience in which residents formulate presentations and other teaching tools to foster a layered learning model with students, PGY2 residents and preceptors, and other disciplines.

Research Project

Research is a yearlong learning experience designed to assist the resident in becoming proficient in all aspects of research. This includes learning the ethical and legal aspects of research as well as logical clinical research methodology. The resident will be responsible for demonstrating understanding of the above concepts and applying them to their own clinical research. The resident will be expected to express understanding of different types of research, including retrospective, prospective, observational and interventional protocols.

Each resident will select an impactful research topic in an area of interest. Residents will complete all steps in the research process, including CITI training, study design, IRB approval, data collection and analysis. This is culminated with a platform presentation at Eastern States Conference and manuscript preparation in May.

Consult Service

Residents will participate in all clinical consultative services offered by the department of pharmacy, including but not limited to geriatric trauma, pain management, polypharmacy and medication dosing consultations and medication histories.

Formulary Management and Medication Use/Safety

Formulary management and medication use/safety is a required longitudinal experience aimed at providing the resident with a working understanding of how regulatory and legal standards and safety standards impact the manner in which pharmacy services and medication usage is structured in an institution.

Residents will become proficient in the processes involved with reviewing and making decisions related to formulary status including restrictions for use and evaluation of usage of formulary medications. Residents will evaluate usage of medications through MUE development and medication error review.