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General Surgery

Meet Our Team

Most, if not all, surgeons have completed a residency in general surgery. According to the American Board of Surgery, general surgery is defined as a discipline that requires knowledge of and familiarity with a broad spectrum of diseases that may require surgical treatment.

All surgeons at Capital Health Surgical Group have completed residency training in general surgery or are board certified in general surgery (most are both trained and certified), however, most are specialized in another field, such as:

By having a roster of general surgeons on our staff, our practice is able to use a two-attending approach to cases that are extremely complex or dedicate a surgical intensivist to monitor care in an ICU setting if necessary. This means that patients at Capital Health Surgical Group benefit from the extensive training and experience of not one, but two, specially trained surgeons when they need it most. Studies have shown that this approach leads to decreased operating times and shorter overall length of stay, which combined, makes for a safer, more postive outcome for patients.