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Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is a relatively new medical field combining parts of the surgery and oncology fields into one. Surgical oncologists complete additional training and have extensive experience in the multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients.

In addition to providing advanced surgical treatment options, surgical oncologists require a broader knowledge of other cancer diagnosis and treatment options, including: a more in-depth understanding of the fundamental biology of cancer, the potential complications and appropriate candidates for combination therapies (ones that involve a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and/or other non-surgical modalities), and expertise in palliative approaches to surgery and other treatments.  

Dr. Lisa Allen is a fellowship trained breast surgeon and director of the Capital Health Center for Comprehensive Breast Care. She provides surgical care for patients with both benign and malignant breast disease, and other breast conditions.

Dr. Cataldo Doria is an internationally renowned surgeon who specializes in the treatment of patients with benign conditions and cancer of the liver, pancreas, and bile duct. As director of the Capital Health Cancer Center, Dr. Doria oversees clinical operations including disease specific clinical performance groups, clinical research, and cancer care advancements to ensure widespread access to the best possible patient care and outcomes. As a hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon, Dr. Doria has pioneered new techniques for conditions that were once considered untreatable. He has helped develop and introduce a number of innnovative procedures to treat cancer patients that were not previously available, including bloodless liver survery, liver auto-transplantation and robotic-assisted hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery.

Dr. Ashlee N. Godshalk Ruggles is a board certified, fellowship trained colorectal surgeon with a focus on minimally invasive procedures to prevent and treat diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus.

Dr. Joyce Varughese is a fellowship trained gynecologic oncology surgeon who offers expertise in the most advanced treatment for all gynecologic cancers—ovarian, uterine/endometrial, cervical, vulvar and vaginal—as well as pre-cancerous conditions in the female reproductive system.