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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Your bedside evaluation from one of our orthopedic-trained therapists includes an assessment of strength, range of motion, vital signs, pain, and ability to move. Be sure to review your medical record for the results from these assessments and communicate your response to each therapy session and pain management with your care team. Your therapist will provide discharge recommendations and possible equipment needs.

Physical therapy will begin on day one after surgery or earlier if requested by the surgeon. Treatment sessions will be one to two times a day as appropriate. Physical therapy may include: 

  • Transfer training on how to get out of bed, ambulation training with a walker
  • Exercises to improve strength and increase motion
  • Education on joint precautions if required

Occupational therapy will begin within your first two days after surgery for patients planning on home discharge. Occupational therapy may include:

  • Adaptive equipment instruction to help you return to your prior level of independence with activities of daily living
  • Exercise instruction for improvement in strength and motion of your upper extremities
  • Activities of daily living training specific to your needs
  • Reinforcement of joint precautions if required