Capital Healthy Living "What You Get"

Capital Health is excited to introduce Capital Healthy Living, a program designed to provide the services that empower seniors to stay independent and in their own homes, for longer.

Take Charge of Your Health Care

Your own licensed life care manager (available M-F, 8AM-4:30PM) who will:

  • Answer all of your health care questions
  • Help you understand your complex medical conditions, procedures and treatments
  • Follow-up with you after Capital Health doctor visits, hospital stays or emergency room visits to be certain you understand your discharge instructions, your doctor’s recommendations and your care plan
  • With your permission, keep your family or loved one informed of your health care plan and your doctor recommendations
  • If you are changing to a Capital Health doctor or facility, coordinate getting your previous health records sent to your new Capital Health doctor
  • Assign you to a certified personal trainer in our Wellness Center who will create an annual customized movement and exercise plan
  • Create a personalized Healthy Living experience tailored to meet your needs and goals

Save You Time

Your life care manager will:

  • Assist you in making all of your Capital Health doctor and medical service appointments
  • Coordinate and simplify the scheduling of multiple medical appointments
  • Assist with scheduling all of your Capital Health medical appointments

Socialize and Exercise More

You may participate in:

  • Group exercise and nutrition classes at our Wellness Center
  • Monthly social activities
  • Educational programs (in person and Zoom)

For a listing of all Capital Healthy Living activities and to register, click here.

Drive Less

Safe and direct transportation (Monday – Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM, excluding holidays) to:

  • All Capital Health doctor and medical service appointments
  • Four Capital Healthy Living social activities, education programs, or Wellness Center classes per month
  • Two roundtrips per month within 15 miles of your residence that you may use for any purpose

Meet Our Leadership and Life Care Managers

David Dafilou, VP of Population Health at Capital Health, introduces the Capital Healthy Living program.


Shawna from our Care Management Department highlights some of the ways in which care managers are there to assist patients with their health and wellness needs.


Nusreem talks about the transportation benefits that come with joining the Capital Healthy Living program.


Julia, a licensed social worker, discusses how Capital Healthy Living can help you reach your goals.


Sally from our Care Management Department talks about how care managers at Capital Health work with inpatients and their loved ones.


If you have additional questions, please contact us here: 609-537-7087 or [email protected].