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New Graduate Nurses

Here are what some of the nurse residents had to say about the Nurse Residency Program:


Kelly AudetteKelly Audette

I am currently working on Steen 2, the surgical trauma unit, which I absolutely love. I think the nurse residency is absolutely amazing! Not only is it an opportunity to fine tune some of the skills we didn't get to do a lot of in clinical, but we got to see a lot of departments that we wouldn't normally have had the chance to without the program. One of the best parts was being able to follow various nurses and pick up a lot of random skills and see how differently each of them work. It helped me develop my own way of charting, organizing and getting through my shifts more efficiently and offer better quality nursing care than if I had just went straight to a floor after school.


Daniel Brenner

I completed the residency program in May 2019. I have been practicing on the Surgical Trauma unit at Regional. The residency program gave me an opportunity to be ahead of other new graduates. I had an opportunity to learn different skills from vastly different nurses. When I started my unit based orientation, I had already been practicing skills for a few months, so it allowed me to engulf myself in the specifics of my unit. It allowed me to bring in an outside perspective to my unit that I would not have been exposed to if it were not for residency. I try to help with the nurse residents anyway I can because I know what this program has the potential to do for our organization and for the new graduates entering the program.


Emily Ciaramella

I am currently a nurse on Steen 1 at the Capital Health Regional campus. One of my aspirations as a nurse is to go back to school and become a nurse practitioner. However, for now I am enjoying my time on Steen 1, and being a part of the residency program. Thank you to everyone at Capital Health for welcoming the new nurses, and helping us along the way!


Victoria CittaVictoria Citta

I currently work on the Surgical unit, 4M. I enjoy taking care of all of my patients, and I especially enjoy being able to see patients make a full recovery post-surgery. The nurse residency program and the people I have met along the way have helped me tremendously in transitioning as a new nurse. I aspire to achieve my MSN within the next few years. One day, I hope to work in nursing academia.


Madison Foglia

I’m a 2019 graduate from The College of New Jersey and I work on 6M, the Telemetry unit in Hopewell. As a new graduate with no clear direction, the residency program gave me the opportunity to experience multiple clinical areas to find one that suited me. What I love about 6M is that I’m constantly learning, we see a wide range of ill patients, not only including cardiac but neuro as well. I’m also so lucky to be surrounded by a team of intelligent, passionate nurses who are always willing to support me.


Emily GuniaEmily Gunia

I am a staff nurse in Capital Health’s Pediatric Emergency Room. The Nurse Residency at Capital Health has given me an amazing opportunity to be a nurse at an amazing hospital, in the field I always dreamed of working in. The Nurse Residency Program helped me transition smoothly from a student nurse to a staff nurse, while making relationships with peers and mentors that will help me continue to grow in my nursing career.


Brianna GosselinBrianna Gosselin

I am a staff nurse on 2 Front, Capital Health’s Inpatient Cardiology unit. I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had in the Nurse Residency Program because it has exposed me to various specialties in nursing and gave me the chance to interact with numerous staff members.


Ashley GrochalaAshley Grochala

I work with an amazing team on the Surgical-Trauma Unit at RMC. The Nurse Residency Program was beneficial because I had the opportunity to get a feel for a variety of different nursing paths and everyone was extremely welcoming!


Nicole LeJeuneNicole LeJeune

I work on Outerbridge 1 at RMC. The Nurse Residency Program was an awesome opportunity for me because I didn’t know where or what type of unit I wanted to work on. I’m thankful the program led me to my coworkers, my awesome preceptor, and a unit where I’m always learning!


Casey McGovernCasey McGovern

I work in Labor & Delivery and absolutely love it! The Nurse Residency Program gave me the opportunity to work in a specialty right out of school. My future goals in nursing include continuing to learn how to be the best bedside nurse I can be and go back to school to be a nurse practitioner in the near future!


Michelle Niles (Tkachuk)Michelle Niles (Tkachuk)

I currently work on Hopewell’s Telemetry unit (day shift)! Capital Health’s residency program has helped me ease into the role of independent nurse nicely! I had plenty of time to acclimate to the hospital and unit prior to being on my own as a nurse. I felt like I was never on my own since day one, and I most certainly have a great support group on the unit and through the program, now! I couldn’t ask for anything more as a new nurse.


Melissa SturchioMelissa Sturchio

I completed the nurse residency program last Spring and I am happily employed in the Hopewell ED. I had a very positive experience in the Nurse Residency Program and would strongly recommend it to other new graduates. I am proud of the progress I have made over the past year as a new nurse and I continue to learn every day.


Andrew SullivanAndrew Sullivan

I currently work nights in the Emergency Room at the Hopewell Campus. The Nurse Residency Program really helped me to not only meet fellow new graduates, but help streamline the process when it came to learning about Capital Health’s policies, procedures and the various pieces of equipment that the nursing staff use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this program to any new graduate!


Davia Titus-ThomasDavia Titus-Thomas

I currently work on Steen 2 at RMC. The Nurse Residency Program meticulously assists with grooming the new nurse to transition into the professional nursing arena. Having been able to initially rotate through various units, it serves to broaden one’s clinical outlook while at the same time narrowing to find the area that grasps one’s interest the most. In this program, you never feel alone because you are always supported by your team.


Elizabeth Van CurenElizabeth Van Curen

I work in Hopewell’s main OR. I love the OR because I have the ability to see many different areas of surgery and no day is ever the same. Something I enjoyed about the Nurse Residency Program is the support I had from other new nurses and the ability to try many different areas of nursing.