Additional Online Information

CyberKnife® Patient Support Group
Contact other patients who have undergone CyberKnife® radiosurgery through the
Patient Support Group.®
Find reliable information about CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery, including patient stories, a
glossary of regularly used terms, reimbursement information, and a patient forum to have open
discussions with CyberKnife physicians and patients regarding any questions and concerns
you may have about CyberKnife treatments.

CyberKnife® Society
The CyberKnife® Society is a coalition of physicians and other healthcare professionals
specializing in CyberKnife® radiosurgery. Their website provides extensive patient information
on medical conditions treatable with radiosurgery.

Accuray, the manufacturer of the CyberKnife® System, is a good resource for patient information.

The American Brain Tumor Association
Find reliable information about brain tumors and their treatments.

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization
dedicated to eliminating cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.

The Acoustic Neuroma Association
The Acoustic Neuroma association is a patient member organization, providing information and
support to persons diagnosed with or treated for acoustic neuroma and other benign tumors of
the cranial nerves. It provides access to a network of local support groups and maintains the
website for patient information and discussion.

National Brain Tumor Society
The National Brain Tumor Society brings together the best in brain tumor research and supportive
patient services. They offer hope to patients, families, and caregivers during every stage
of the treatment journey. They invest strategically in innovative research that will lead to advances and ultimately to a cure.

International Radiosurgery Support Association
This website contains information about radiosurgery and specialized radiation treatments.
Included is the BRAIN TALK® patient forum.


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