Why CyberKnife®?

whycyberThe CyberKnife® System from Accuray is the world's most accurate robotic stereotactic radiosurgery device. It is an intelligent robotic radiosurgery system which directs multiple radiation beams anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy.

The CyberKnife's flexible robotic arm provides unparalleled access to previously unreachable areas. Since CyberKnife® is noninvasive, doctors can treat tumors and other conditions anywhere in the body without making a single incision. The CyberKnife® provides a viable option for those patients previously diagnosed with inoperable cancers, benign tumors, and other conditions.

As a CyberKnife® patient, you benefit from:

  • No Incision
  • No Pain
  • No Bleeding
  • No Stereotactic Frame
  • No Anesthesia (in most cases)
  • No Recovery Time