Swedish Massage
60 mins - $75 / 90 mins - $110
This classic full-body massage style incorporates a non-scented massage oil combined with long flowing strokes to induce a deep level of relaxation while easing muscle tension.  Enjoy the many health benefits of this soothing massage.

Oasis Salon & Wellness Spa Custom Massage
60 mins - $80 / 90 mins - $115
This traditional massage is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve tension to create a heightened sense of well-being.  Your massage therapist will customize your experience and address specific needs by incorporating a variety of techniques.

Hopewell Stone Massage
60 mins - $88 / 90 mins - $127
Smooth-rounded basalt stones are heated in water before the therapist applies essential oils and uses the stones as extensions of his or her hands for a comforting massage.  The warmth and weight of the stones induce deep muscle tissue relaxation without overheating.

Organic Aromatherapy Massage
60 mins - $80 / 90 mins - $115
Enjoy an unsurpassed level of relaxation in this enhanced classic massage.  The organic aromatherapy body oils are based on organic sunflower as well as wildcrafted and organic flowers, plants, roots and leaves.  Warm lavender infused towels are applied on the body promoting comfort and serenity.  Guests may choose a selected blend to customize this ultimate massage experience.

Targeted Muscle Massage
60 mins - $88 / 90 mins - $127
This therapeutic deep tissue technique aids in the release of tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  Range of motion will improve along with relief from muscle pain associated with stressed muscles.  This effective massage is appropriate for individuals whose body tone and conditioning is tied to athletic performance.

30 mins - $40
Based on the theory that zones of the feet correspond to specific areas of the body, this treatment concentrates on the soles of the feet to provide relief throughout the body and restore energy. The 60-minute treatment will include the hands.  

Pitter Patter Massage
30 mins - $60
This nurturing massage uses cushions to support the mother-to-be and addresses the physical challenges associated with pregnancy.  Our therapists will soothe and restore fatigued muscles to include lower back tension, tight neck muscles and reduce swelling in hands and feet.

Neck, Back and Shoulder massage
30 mins - $50
This soothing massage works to release tension in the back, neck and shoulder areas.  This is the perfect option when time is limited.

Add-on Services
foot bath ritual   30 mins - $40
hand paraffin  30 mins - $20
foot paraffin  30 mins - $20
hand and foot paraffin     30 mins - $35
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