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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty within the field of radiology. It comprises diagnostic tests that result in images of function of the body as well as therapies for conditions such as thyroid cancer.

A small, safe amount of radioactive material is given either through an IV (intravenous) or by mouth. Generally, the patient’s exposure to radiation is similar to that resulting from standard x-ray examinations. Images are then taken based on the device’s detection of energy emitted from the ingested radioactive substance.

Capital Health offers the following nuclear medicine procedures: 

  • Molecular Breast Imaging (Capital Health was the first in the country to offer molecular breast imaging using the Discovery* NM 750b device from GE Healthcare) 
  • Bone Scan (Three phase, Limited, Whole body, SPECT) 
  • Bone Marrow Scan 
  • Brain Scan (Brain Flow, SPECT, Cisternogram) 
  • MUGA Scan (Gated Blood pool study) 
  • GI Bleeding Scan 
  • Meckels Scan 
  • Hepatobiliary Scan (Hida Scan) with or without CCK 
  • Gallium Scan 
  • Gastric Emptying Study 
  • Levine/Shunt Patency 
  • Liver Spleen Scan 
  • Hemangioma Scan of Liver 
  • Gallium (Abscess and Tumor Imaging) 
  • Indium WBC and Tc WBC Scan 
  • Lymphoscintigraphy (Sentinel node detection) 
  • Parathyroid Scan (Planar, SPECT) 
  • Lung Scan (with ventilation or Quantitative) 
  • Renal Scan (including Lasix, Captopril) 
  • Nuclear Stress Tests (including pharmacological and viability tests) 
  • Testicular Scan 
  • Thyroid Uptake and Scan 
  • Thyroid Total Body Scan (Mets) 
  • Iodine -131Therapy (Cancer or Hyperthyroidism) 
  • Metastron Therapy 
  • Zevalin Therapy

We also offer Octreoscan, MIBG scan. DATScan etc.