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Nursing Units

Depending on the nature of his or her injuries, your loved one will be admitted to one of the following nursing units at Capital Health Regional Medical Center:

Trauma/Medical ICU

The Trauma/Medical Intensive Care Unit, located on the second floor, is where trauma patients who are critically ill or need close monitoring are placed. The ICU is a 14-bed unit staffed full-time with nurses, critical care techs, therapists and other additional medical professionals.

Visiting hours are flexible at the time of admission based on the needs of the patient. In order to be able to provide continuous care to your loved one, we ask that patients only have 2 visitors at bedside. No children under age 13 are permitted in the ICU. Flowers and balloons are not permitted in the ICU.

Surgical Trauma Unit

The Surgical Trauma Unit (STU) is a 29-bed surgical/trauma unit located on the second floor. Four of the beds are an intermediate care area with extended monitoring capabilities. Many patients will be admitted to this floor directly after injury or operation. Patients who initially require the ICU will be transferred to this floor after they no longer require respirators or other ICU therapy. This floor has extensive monitoring capability and is staffed by a full complement of registered nurses, techs, therapists and other medical professionals.

In order to facilitate the care of your loved one, we ask that visitors be restricted to two persons at one time.