St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

For more information on St. Francis Medical Center’s transition of services to Capital Health, click here.

Specialty Care & Surgical Specialists

Surgical SpecialistIn addition to an extensive network of primary care physicians, Capital Health Medical Group (CHMG) includes specialists and surgeons who have advanced training in their area of expertise. A number of our specialists have joined CHMG from academic institutions and have chosen to bring their university experience to a more convenient community setting.

When your primary care doctor feels you need more specialized attention for a diagnosis, specialized medical care, or surgical treatments, you can be sure you will be receiving state-of-the-art care and best practices from our specialists. Our specialists include board certified and fellowship trained physicians who work closely with primary care physicians both in the Capital Health Medical Group and the regional community. This means that patients come from outside the immediate area for our specialists' expertise.

Visit the websites below to learn more about what our specialty practices offer.


Behavioral Health 
Capital Health – Behavioral Health Specialists
Tel: 609-689-5725


Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Columbus
Tel: 609-303-4838

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Hamilton
Tel: 609-303-4838

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Hopewell
Tel: 609-303-4838

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Lawrenceville
Tel: 609-895-1919

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Newtown
Tel: 609-303-4838

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Pheasant Run
Tel: 215-860-3344

Capital Health Cardiology Specialists – Robbinsville
Tel: 609-632-0140

Digestive Health 
Capital Health Center for Digestive Health
Tel: 609-537-5000

Capital Health – Endocrinology Specialists
Tel: 609-303-4300


Capital Health Gastroenterology Specialists – Bordentown
Tel: 609-528-8884

Capital Health Gastroenterology Specialists – Hopewell
Tel: 609-818-1900

Capital Health Gastroenterology Specialists – Newtown
Tel: 609-528-8884

Capital Institute for Neurosciences
Tel: 609-537-7300


Capital Health OB/GYN – Bordentown
Tel: 609-482-3226

Capital Health OB/GYN – Browns Mills
Tel: 609-896-1400

Capital Health OB/GYN – Hamilton
Tel: 609-890-2412

Capital Health OB/GYN – Langhorne
Tel: 215-750-7771

Capital Health OB/GYN – Lawrenceville
Tel: 609-896-1400

Capital Health OB/GYN – Trenton
Tel: 609-394-4111

Occupational Medicine
Capital Health Occupational Health Center
Tel: 609-695-7471

Capital Health – Pulmonology Specialists
Tel: 609-815-7390

Capital Health – Rheumatology Specialists
Tel: 609-303-4360

Sleep Medicine
Comprehensive Sleep Associates of NJ
Tel: 609-584-5150

Maternal Fetal 
Mercer Maternal Fetal Specialty Group
Tel: 609-537-7262

Radiation Oncology 
Capital Health Radiation Oncology
Tel: 609-303-4244