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Services Provided

Diabetes Education at Capital Health offers two-day or four-evening group interactive sessions covering key areas as outlined by the American Diabetes Association. Individualized sessions may be available based on your physician recommendations. With the guidance of your physician, our program will offer you the tools to better manage your diabetes. Among the many benefits of participating in this program are:

  • Initial assessment provided by a certified diabetes care and education specialist
  • Meal planning provided by a registered dietitian
  • Exercise and fitness goals and tips provided by an exercise physiologist
  • Overview of medications used to manage diabetes by a pharmacist
  • Tips on prevention and detection of acute and chronic complications, as well as possible treatment options, based on your referring doctor's recommendations
  • Information on the psychosocial aspects of diabetes
  • Two daytime or four evening group instructional sessions covering key areas as outlined by the ADA
  • Lunch or dinner provided
  • Interaction and support from other program participants
  • An eight week follow-up with a certified diabetes care and education specialist
  • Personalized progress reports sent to your referring doctor
  • Invitation to our Annual Diabetes Refresher Course upon completion of this initial program

By participating in our program, you and those who support you have an opportunity to better understand the many aspects of diabetes care. Family members or significant others are encouraged to attend!

Diabetes Education Series at the Novo Nordisk Family Resource Room

In addition to the referral-based program, informal classes are offered on a regular basis, free of charge, in the Novo Nordisk Family Resource Room at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell.

These one-hour long classes are offered in a group format at various times during the day each month. Led by either a registered dietitian or a certified diabetes care and education specialist, these classes are a great opportunity to begin your education journey or refresh your knowledge. Questions and support persons are welcome!