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Resources for Families of Patients Transferred to us for Acute Care

We know that having a family member or loved one impacted by a stroke or other acute condition can be an overwhelming and stressful time. We want you to know that we are here to support you as well. The role of family and friends is an important one for our patients. If your loved one has been transferred emergently to our hospital in Trenton, Capital Health Regional Medical Center, it is because their physician felt their condition required a very specialized level of care that we provide. 

Our medical team has significant experience and handles complex conditions every day. You can have confidence that your loved one is receiving outstanding care from experts in their field. And, because you can have confidence in their care, you can focus on providing your loved one with the emotional support they need. 

Communicating with individuals involved in a patient’s care is important to Capital Health, as is protecting our patient’s privacy. Our staff will work with you to keep you as informed as possible about your loved one’s condition. If they are having a procedure, you will be able to wait for updates in one of our waiting areas. We will provide updates every hour during the surgery or procedure. Once finished, the neurosurgeon will speak with you. 

Once your loved one has been moved to a patient care unit, please speak to the nurse if you have a question about his or her care. The nurse can also locate one of the physician’s assistants on the floor or find a time when one of the physicians will be able to meet with you.

Support team

In addition to our clinical team, patients and families have other resources at their disposal should they be needed. 

Guest Relations – available to patients and their families, our guest relations advocate can help locate accommodations, transportation or other services. In addition, the advocate can help with any concerns you may have during your loved one’s stay at Capital Health. To reach our Guest Relations department at our campus in Trenton, please dial extension 6336 if using a phone in our medical center Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., or if you are using a private phone or cell phone, call 609-394-6336. If you are at our Hopewell campus please call extension 4280 from a hospital phone, or 609-303-4280 from an outside line. 

Pastoral Care – The pastoral  care group offers you and your family spiritual and emotional support. A chaplain can be reached at our Regional Medical Center campus by dialing extension 4641. If you are using a private phone or cell phone, call 609-394-4641. At Hopewell, please call 609-303-4641. Confidential hospital prayer requests can be made by calling 609-394-4381