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Doctor's Day 2021Doctor's Day 2021







Thank You

On Doctor’s Day, and every day, we are truly grateful for the care and compassion provided by Capital Health physician to patients and their families. This care and compassion is a true testament to improving the health and well-being of those served in urban and suburban communities.

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As recognized by patients and their families, the 2021 Doctor’s Day Honorees:Doctor's Day 2021

Jane F. Abdalla, DO George F. Gushue, DO
Scott L. Adler, MD John A. Harman, MD
Rim Al-Bezem, MD, FACC Robert P. Hogan, DO
Kimberly Jones Mudd, DO Steven Hubert, MD
Gary S. Karlin, MD Diana Kolman-Taddeo, MD
Scott K. Kindsfather, MD Kimberly A. Levitt, MD, MPH, DABMA
Scott A. Kolander, MD Hongyan Liang, MD
Lisa R. Allen, MD Erica A. Linden, MD
Rajashree Anandakrishnan, MD Paul N. Loeb, DO
Mark E. Arcaro, MD Steven A. Maffei, DPM
Ani R. Balani, MD Eric Mayer, MD
John Bilezikian, MD Rose McGeever, DO
Harmony L. Bonnes, DO Tatiana C. McKenna, MD
Stephen Borrus, MD Stacy A. Miller-Smith, MD
Laura K. Brandspiegel, MD, FAAP Arik Mizrachi, MD
Lee Buono, MD, FACS Lisa Y. Monahan, DO
Danielle C. Carcia, DO Bipinpreet Nagra, MD
Christine C. Castillo, DO Alfredo Abud Ortega, MD
Maria J. Chavez-Santos, MD David Pai, MD
Oleg Chebotarev, MD Victoria M. Petty, MD
Emily Chen, MD Sajina Prabhakaran, MD
Timothy H. Chen, MD Mark J. Pressman, MD
Ajay Choudhri, MD Sergio Pulido, DO
Jooyeun Chung, MD Navid Redjal, MD
Ernest J. Cimino, MD Robert J. Remstein, DO, MBA, FACP
Jessica R. Codjoe, MD Jason N. Rogart, MD, FASGE
Louis F. D'Amelio, MD, FACS Brad S. Rogers, MD
Michael R. Dash, MD Abigail L. Rose, MD, MPH
Joseph R. DeAntonio, MD Ronald E. Ross, MD
Rolando L. deGoma, MD Neil Saxena, MD, RPVI, FACC
Harit V. Desai, DO Eric I. Schwartz, MD, MBA, FACP
Ravinder S. Dhillon, MD Angana Shah, MD
Sudeep S. Dhillon, MD Karna Sherwood, MD
Nauman A. Diwan, MD Prachi V. Thanawala, MD
Bridget K. Doolittle, PA-C Joanna L. Tolin, MD
Cataldo Doria, MD, PhD Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Joshua A. Eisenberg, MD, FACS Stephen M. Vanni, DO
Richard J. Friedland, MD Marc S. Whitman, M
Neel J. Gandhi, MD Edward A. Wingfield, MD
Jerrold S. Gertzman, MD Arnold S. Witte, MD
Sheri A. Gillis Funderburk, MD  
Ronald S. Glick, MD Michael H. Yamane, MD
Lee M. Glickman, MD, FACC Jill F. Young, DO
Paul E. Goldberg, MD Kristopher F. Young, DO, FACOI, FACC
Bernard Grossman, MD Khurram Zubair, MD