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Our Board Members

2020-2021 Officers

President: Stacy Denton
Executive Vice President: Open
Recording Secretary: Donna Costanzo
Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Coleman 
Treasurer: Jami Szanfranski 
Assistant Treasurer: Lisa McBryan
Immediate Past President and Nominating Chair: Donna Costanzo
First Vice President: Shirley Csercsevits



2020-2021 Committee Chairpersons

Annual Meeting: Carol Flanders
Bylaws: Stacy Denton
Carnival: Donna Costanzo and Chris Butrym
Children’s House Committee: Carol Flanders
Cookie Donation Program: Carol Flanders (Hopewell) and Stacy Denton (RMC)
Designer Bag Bingo: Jami Szanfranski and Marie Tagliaferri
Family Health Clinic: Chris Butrym, Sue Cammarano, and Sharyn Johnson
Grants Committee: Sue Cammarano
Grant Writer: Alyssa Brunstein
Fashion Show: Donna Costanzo and Karen Flicker
Hospital Liaisons: Elizabeth Upham and Dipti Padliya
Kitty’s Closet: Carolyn Bender
Lucky 7 Calendar Raffle: Lisa McBryan
Mobile Library: Mary Reed and Janet Scammell
Newsletter: Nancy Coleman
Pecan Sales: Carol Flanders, Nancy Coleman, Jane Ensminger, Nora Harker, and Rita Kravitz
Publicity: Donna Costanzo and Ujwala Sawant
Tales for Tiny Tots Literacy Program: Alyssa Brunstein and Donna Costanzo
The Toy Closet: Janet Scammell and Mary Reed
Tree of Lights: Barbara Brennfleck, Donna Costanzo, Lucia Sanin, and Ujwala Sawant
Thrift Store (now open): Leslie Gibbons

Chairs of Standing Committees

Nurse Education: Vera Kunte and Barbara Brenfleck


Auxiliary Historian: Nora Harker
Auxiliary Photographer: Open

Members at Large

Pat Salt