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CarePartners at Capital Health

Capital Health supports patient-family-centered care and welcomes the involvement of family and friends as CarePartners. A CarePartner is someone chosen by the patient to be involved in his or her healthcare experience. A CarePartner may be a significant other, family member or friend.

  • Patients may choose up to (3) adults as a CarePartners. Each will receive an orange wrist band from the health care team that will show us that he/she has permission to be actively involved in care. The level of involvement is between the patient and the CarePartner and can be 24/7.
  • CarePartners receive information directly from the health care team.
  • CarePartners communicate information to family and friends.
  • One CarePartner can stay with the patient 24/7, but may be asked to step out of the room when the health care team is providing care.
  • The Medical Power of Attorney does not have to be one of the CarePartners.