St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

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Study Focuses on Liver Failure Caused by Alcohol

One of the ways that Capital Health lives up to its slogan “Minds Advancing Medicine” is by participating in national research trials that help push the boundaries of traditional medicine.

For example, the Capital Health Center for Digestive Health recently announced that its Center for Liver Disease is the first in New Jersey to participate in a pivotal clinical study testing the potential benefit of ELAD® bio-artificial cellular therapy in patients with acute liver failure caused by alcohol.

“The ELAD system is intended to help patients restore their own liver function by allowing regeneration of the liver and healing from injury caused by alcohol,” says Dr. Santiago Munoz, director, Capital Health Center for Liver Disease.

Capital Health is involved in the Phase 3 clinical study, focused on investigating the benefits and risks of ELAD in acute liver failure patients with alcohol-induced liver decompensation.