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Lung Nodule Clinic

The Capital Health Lung Nodule Clinic provides evaluation and recommendation for the treatment and management of lung nodules. Lung nodules are abnormal spots and are quite common. They are usually discovered incidentally on imaging studies. While most nodules are benign, some may be cancerous.

If a nodule is found, our collaborative team of expert specialists will evaluate and provide a recommended treatment plan unique to your diagnosis. We will work closely with your referring physician for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring. Our nodule team is comprised of expert clinicians in:

Thoracic Surgery

Interventional Pulmonology


Radiation Oncology

Medical Oncology


Generally, patients with lung nodules do not report any symptoms. Most lung nodules are identified during routine X-rays or CT scans being done for other medical reasons.

Non-cancerous (benign) nodules usually require no treatment. Cancerous (malignant) nodules are often associated with smoking or radon gas and can be treated in collaboration with Capital Health’s Cancer Center. Once found, nodules are typically followed long-term for any changes and treated per national guidelines.

Request an Appointment

If a nodule has been found, you or your physician can request an appointment for an evaluation by calling 844-303-LUNG (5864), prompt #2.