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EMS Education

The American Heart Association has released an update to all training centers on Wednesday 5/20/20 in regards to interim guidance on extensions for AHA Instructor & Provider Cards during COVID-19 Outbreak. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and Training Centers may be more able to return to training providers and Instructors using options provided by the AHA, we are issuing clarification and updates for card extensions as outlined below.

Recommended Renewal Date on Card (end of month) New Renewal Due Date with 120-day Extension (end of month)
March 2020 July 2020
April 2020 August 2020
May 2020 September 2020
June 2020 October 2020
  • Beginning in July, normal timelines for card renewals will resume.  Those with cards expiring to the end of July should plan to renew their cards by the recommended renewal date on their card (July 2020)
  • However, for those who may be in affected areas with restrictions still in place into July, Training Centers, at their discretion, may consider extending July cards past their renewal date, for no more than 120 days
  • Due to increased volume of students registering for courses by their new required renewal date, we kindly ask if you can register for a course closer to the month of your expiration date.  This is in an attempt to ensure that all individuals may be able to recertify by their renewal date.  

Early Heart Attack Care Educational Presentation 

EMS/AHA Education Course Schedule and Registrations may be accessed by visiting the Capital Health EMS Education Course web page at:

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