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A different view of imaging.

The Center for Comprehensive Breast Care’s comprehensive offerings of diagnostics, treatment, support, and personal attention are unsurpassed.

The experience for patients visiting the Center for a mammogram at our dedicated Women’s Imaging Center is a thoughtful one, beginning with a warmed robe. If necessary, our breast navigator can connect you with the next level of care and support services.

The technology within the Capital Health Center for Comprehensive Breast Care, and the Women’s Imaging Center, includes state-of-the-art, full-field digital mammography, which offers a higher resolution image for greater diagnostic accuracy and Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), which can detect cancer sooner. At the Center for Women’s Imaging, every woman who has a mammogram is also assessed using the Gail Risk Model, which is one way we can help determine if you are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. If you are determined to be high risk, we will refer you to our High Risk Breast Cancer Program and our Breast Navigator.

Molecular breast imaging (MBI)

With the first Discovery* NM 750b molecular breast imaging device from GE Healthcare installed in the country, our Center is at the forefront of the latest options available for early detection of breast cancer. Used with mammography, MBI overcomes the challenges of detection in women with dense breast tissue by using a radiotracer that helps identify potentially cancerous masses from underlying breast tissue. MBI can detect breast cancer much sooner, which can make all the difference particularly in women with dense breast tissue or high risk factors.

Full field digital mammography

Our mammography systems use Computer Aided Detection. The CAD technology works like a second pair of eyes, reviewing a patient's mammogram image after the radiologist has made an initial interpretation. The radiologist then makes the final interpretation of the mammogram after reviewing the CAD information. Our radiologists provide same day results and are available to answer any questions or concerns in a private consultation room.

3-D mammography (breast tomosynthesis)

3-D mammography (also known as breast tomosynthesis) provides clearer pictures than digital mammography alone. As a result, research has shown that the imaging provides better breast cancer detection rates and a decrease in call backs which means women are less likely to have to return for additional imaging. Used with our full field digital mammography for early detection of breast cancer, 3D mammography can take as little as four seconds. 

Additional tests offered at our Center include needle localizations, stereotactic biopsies, breast MRIs (using Cadstream for greater accuracy), ultrasounds (including ultrasound-guided biopsies and aspirations), and a DEXA scan room for bone density screening. 

Since one of our goals is to take the anxiety and stress out of your care, we made scheduling appointments at the Women’s Imaging Center easy too. Simply call Capital Health Central Scheduling at 833-247-2778. Need to schedule your mammogram? You can also click here.