Headache Center

brainAt the Headache Center, the Institute offers a multidisciplinary approach to patients suffering from various types of headaches. Using a variety of pain assessment and diagnostic tools when needed, our neurologist, who specializes in headache medicine, will work with you to identify the source of your head pain. Our team also includes a clinical psychologist and a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  Together our team can determine the individual treatment that will best provide you with relief.

At the center patients have access to a variety of treatment approaches, including nerve and facet blocks, Botox™ injections, acupuncture, biofeedback, occipital nerve implants, and cervical manipulations, as well as behavioral and relaxation therapy. 

The Headache Center is led by a board certified neurologist, Dr. Mitra Assadi, who holds board certifications in neurology and clinical neurophysiology, and was among one of the first neurologists in the country to obtain a board certification in headache medicine. Dr. Assadi treats both adults and children and has conducted research in the epidemiology and genetic epidemiology of migraine.

Appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Assadi by calling 609-537-7300.