Below the Belt: Preventing and Detecting Gynecologic Cancers

Too often gynecologic cancers (cancers in the female reproductive system) go undetected. Being proactive in your health and learning about gynecologic cancers may reduce your risk and identify ways to prevent cancer and to diagnose cancers in an early stage when more treatment options and higher survival rates are possible.

Dr. Joyce Varughese, a board certified, fellowship trained gynecologic oncologist at Capital Health Surgical Group, will offer information on what gynecologic cancers are, their symptoms, and how to lower your risk. She will focus on prevention strategies of the three most common gynecologic cancers: uterine, ovarian, and cervical. Learn about different screening options and how your family history may affect your cancer risk.

This event will be taking place virtually using Zoom. A call-in option is available for those without video access. Meeting details will be provided via email 2-3 days before the program date. Registration ends 24 hours before the program date.

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