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Q. How do I add an link to another page on the site?

A: First, select the desired text to be linked and press the Link button. Then insert the path to the desired page into the URL field. It is recommended that path to the node, rather than the friendly URL, is added into the URL field. This is because the node path remains the same as long as the page exists in Drupal, while the friendly URL can be updated and could cause the link to break. Find complete list of nodes that correspond to URL Aliases. Insert the hover text for the link into the Title field.

Example: When creating an internal link to this page, it's recommended that /node/71 be used as the path, rather than /style-guide/faqs, because the URL Alias may be updated, but the node will remain the same.

Q: I want to create a bulleted list inside of a numbered list (or vice versa), how do I do this?

A: First, enter each of the list items, both numbered and, in the order that they should display. Highlight all of the content (including the text that should be a bulleted list inside the numbered list) and press the numbered list button. Next, highlight the text that you want to be bulleted inside the numbered list and press the indent button. With the text still highlighted, press the bulleted list button.

To create a numbered list inside of a bulleted list, first put all of the items into a bulleted list, then indent the text to be numbered and press the numbered list button.

Q: How can I remove a page so it does not show on the front end of the website, even if the address is known?