Information Technology Security Incident

Capital Health is currently experiencing network outages because of what we believe to be a cybersecurity incident. Click here for more information. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

What We Offer

The following is a list of services that our physicians provide:

Pregnancy Management

  • Prenatal Care
  • Delivery and Childbirth Education

Prenatal Screening Tests

  • Combined first-trimester screening
  • Second-trimester single screen for neural tube defects
  • Second-trimester quad screen
  • Cell-free fetal DNA (cfDNA)

Prenatal Diagnostic Tests

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic villus sampling


  • Gynecologic care
  • Pap smears
  • Menopause counseling

Gynecology Surgery

Cancer Screening

  • Genetic Cancer Screening
  • Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Chromosomal Abnormality Testing

Information and referral for any services not available at Capital Health OB/GYN - Hamilton