St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

For more information on St. Francis Medical Center’s transition of services to Capital Health, click here.

Our Services

At Capital Health – Hematology Oncology Specialists, our goal is to educate and promote a better understanding of diagnosis and the range of corresponding available treatment options for various types of cancer, allied diseases, and benign hematology. 

Some of the screenings and diagnostic testing we include:

  •  Full range of lab testing (blood work)
  •  Abdominal imaging (CT, MRI)
  •  Biopsies

Our treatment approaches to specific conditions include:

  •  Surgery
  •  Chemotherapy
  •  Radiation
  •  Interventional radiology 
  •  Immunotherapy 
  •  Targeted therapy
  •  Precision medicine

In addition to these treatments, our office also works with other specialists at Capital Health when necessary, including:

  •  Nutritionists
  •  Nurse Navigators
  •  Geriatric Counselors
  •  Social Workers