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Find Your Fall Sleeping Rhythm

The start of “Back to School” and the slow shortening of days may have you thinking about changes to your sleep schedule.

Healthy sleep patterns are based on routine. Any disruption to the schedule or routine and you might face lasting seasonal jet-lag. Experts at the Capital Health Center for Sleep Medicine suggest a number of different strategies, including:

  • Select a bedtime ritual, such as a warm bath, listening to calm music or reading a book, and follow the same routine, at the same time, each night.
  • Create a relaxing bedroom by removing work materials, computers and televisions and keeping it quiet, dark and cool.
  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine, nicotine and alcohol intake.
  • If you can't sleep, try relaxing in another room until you feel tired.
  • Exercise regularly but not close to bedtime.

If you or your loved one has sleep-related problems, contact the Capital Health Center for Sleep Medicine. As the largest, fully accredited center in Mercer and Bucks counties, the Center has provided comprehensive evaluation and treatment for sleep disorders in adults and children for more than 25 years. Call 609-584-5150 or visit