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Capital Health First in New Jersey to Offer FDA-Approved EMBOTRAP II Stent Retriever for Ischemic Stroke Patients

Capital Health is the first hospital in New Jersey, and among the first in the United States, to use the new EMBOTRAP II Revascularization Device since its recent approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July. As part of its Comprehensive Stroke Center, neurosurgeons from Capital Health’s Capital Institute for Neurosciences use this next generation stent-retriever to safely remove a blood clot from an artery in the brain that is causing a stroke.

“EMBOTRAP II is the latest advance in mechanical thrombectomy for restoring blood flow to the brain and improving outcomes for patients who are suffering an ischemic stroke as a result of a large blood vessel blockage,” said Dr. Vernard Fennell, a fellowship trained cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgeon at Capital Institute for Neurosciences’ Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center. Dr. Fennell was also involved in some of the initial research on the device’s design. “As one of the tools that we use to treat ischemic stroke, EMBOTRAP II has a design that has been shown to trap clots that are causing the blockage of blood flow in the brain while retaining its shape, making it faster and more effective at retrieving the clot, restoring blood flow to the brain, and ultimately providing a better outcome.”

Stroke is a leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Neurosurgeons from the Capital Institute for Neuroscience’s Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center are trained to use state-of-the-art devices such as EMBOTRAP II to provide the most advanced, comprehensive stroke care to patients in Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Capital Health’s Institute for Neurosciences is committed to being a leader in innovation and technology in all aspects of Neuroscience and Stroke Care.

About Capital Health’s Comprehensive Stroke Center (part of Capital Institute for Neurosciences)

Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton is the only Comprehensive Stroke Center in the region certified by The Joint Commission, one of only eight hospitals in New Jersey. The Center, part of Capital Health's Capital Institute for Neurosciences, is available for patients who require the most advanced treatments for stroke and cerebrovascular care, including neuroendovascular surgery, microsurgery, skull base surgery and neurovascular surgery. Capital Health operates a Mobile Stroke Unit, the first unit of its kind in the Delaware Valley and just the seventh to go live in the United States when it was launched in 2017. The Institute includes New Jersey's most advanced Neuro Intensive Care Unit. In addition to providing high level, tertiary level clinical care, the Institute’s Neurovascular Research Center houses the nation's only Neuroendovascular Simulator for teaching, surgical preparation, and device testing.

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