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Preparing for Your Sleep Study

What to know in preparation for your sleep study

Before you arrive

Maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule for the two weeks prior to the sleep study. Get the same amount of sleep on the night before testing as you ordinarily do, and try not to nap on the day of the test.

If you have been given a sleep diary, please complete it and bring it with you on the night of your study. Your sleep center physician will review this information at the same time as the sleep study, in order to make a more complete assessment of your sleep problem.

Limit caffeine after lunchtime on the day of the test.

Please do not use any hairsprays, hair gels or mousse on the day of the sleep study. Remember that the electrodes affixed to the scalp to monitor sleep activity will disrupt your "hair-do."

Please have dinner before you arrive in the sleep laboratory. If you typically enjoy a light snack before bedtime, bring it with you.

Bring and take any medications you normally take at bedtime or in the morning (unless your physician has stated otherwise).

Please bring your own pajamas. Pajamas should be two-piece and open in the front (no silk please). You may also bring any other items (special pillow, bathrobe, etc.) that will make you feel more comfortable.

At the Center

Technical set up for the testing will take one to two hours, so please be on time in order not to feel rushed before bedtime.

We routinely plan for “lights-out” at 11 p.m., but this can be adjusted to fit your typical schedule at home.

Each room has a TV and DVD player that you may utilize prior to bedtime. If you are the parent or guardian of a child who is a patient at our center, please feel free to bring your child’s favorite movie.

It is preferable to turn the lights out and the television off at bedtime, but adjustments to this policy can be made as necessary for your comfort.

We will allow you to sleep until you awaken on your own, or 7 a.m., whichever is earlier. We prefer not to awaken you early for work, as it is important to obtain as much sleep data as possible on the study night. If you must awaken earlier than 7 a.m., please let the technologist know prior to lights out.

Private bathrooms and showers are available in each room. Soap, shampoo, towels and a hairdryer are also provided for your use.

All Capital Health facilities are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited on all Capital Health sites (including adjacent sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking areas). Thank you for helping us create an atmosphere that nurtures healing and recovery for all of our patients.

After your test

Please follow-up with your doctor after the test is complete to review your results. Follow-up appointments are generally scheduled one to two weeks after the test.

When you arrive at Capital Health - Hamilton

On the evening of your study, please park on the far side of the building closest to the sleep center night patient entrance. Enter the enclosed vestibule and ring the buzzer for the technologist. The technologist will have registration forms for you to complete and sign, so please bring your driver's license or other identification along with your insurance cards. If your insurance requires a referral, you must bring it with you if it has not already been provided to the sleep center.

We strive to make you feel as comfortable and "at home" as possible despite the technical requirements of the sleep testing. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 609-584-5150.

If for any reason you cannot keep your appointments, please call the sleep center and let us know as soon as possible. At least 24 hours advance notice is greatly appreciated.