For My Baby and Me - A Drug Treatment Program for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

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Mother holding infantCapital Health has brought together its long-established partners — The Trenton Health Team, the Rescue Mission, HomeFront, and Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton — with decades of experience to design this specialized, integrated opioid treatment program to promote long-term recovery as well as ongoing medical care and support for women and their children.

If you are pregnant and using drugs such as heroin or abusing opioid prescription pain killers, it is important that you get help for yourself and your unborn child. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) can help you stop using those drugs. It is safe for the baby, keeps you free of withdrawal, and gives you a chance to take care 
of yourself.

Appropriate MAT provides several benefits: 

  • Reduces craving for opioid drugs 
  • Prevents withdrawal for 24 hours or longer 
  • Promotes physical and emotional well-being 
  • Improves your overall quality of life

MAT can prevent the withdrawal symptoms many drug users experience. Withdrawal for pregnant women is especially dangerous because it causes the uterus to contract and may bring on miscarriage or premature birth. By blocking withdrawal symptoms, MAT can save your child’s life and allow you to regain your quality of life.

Our program consists of: 

  • Safe housing for you and your family 
  • Food/clothing 
  • Immediate entry into a drug treatment program including medicine to treat withdrawal 
  • Educational support 
  • Employment readiness and training 
  • Child care 
  • Legal assistance

When pregnant women are being treated for drug use, the treatment center will ensure the baby and mother are safe during the whole process. We have a team of trained caring counselors who will help you make your own decision for the treatment option that you feel has the best chance of success. We consider every case an urgent situation. Our peer support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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