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Helping Chronic Wounds Heal Fast

For those with diabetes or poor circulation, an injury or wound to the legs and feet can be slow to heal.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a well established treatment that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber, helps the blood carry more oxygen to a wound site or injured tissue, speeding the healing process. As part of the Capital Health Center for Wound Management, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of many options for patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

The Capital Health Heart & Vascular Institute, including the Center for Wound Management, provides comprehensive vascular care in one convenient location — Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell. Offering the latest diagnostic testing and treatment options, our team of experts collaborates with patients and referring physicians to help those who suffer from one or more conditions that affect their heart and vascular systems.

To contact the Center for Wound Management, call 609-537-7457. For more information about the Heart & Vascular Institute, call 1-855-827-2362 or visit