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Getting a Closer Look at Serious Cardiac Conditions

Capital Health’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell offers minimally invasive tests and emergency procedures for a variety of complex heart conditions.

“Patients usually require a catheterization lab to closely monitor potential clogs in the arteries, an enlarged heart, birth defects in the heart, congestive heart failure, or problems in the heart valves,” said Dr. Harit Desai, a board certified, fellowship trained interventional cardiologist at Capital Health Heart Care Specialists.

Dr. Desai, who recently joined Capital Health, completed his fellowship training in cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology and endovascular medicine at Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

In addition to angiographies (tests that use a catheter to inject a special dye and, combined with x-ray technology, show the inside of coronary arteries and heart structures), the Cardiac Catheterization Lab also provides emergency procedures to help patients who are having a heart attack.

Dr. Desai specializes in heart angiographies, opening clogged arteries using the state-of-the-art WRIST approach and nonsurgical treatment of vascular diseases including varicose veins.

The Cardiac Catheterization Lab is part of the Capital Health Heart & Vascular Institute. For more information, visit To schedule an appointment with Dr. Desai, visit or call 609-393-1524.