St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

For more information on St. Francis Medical Center’s transition of services to Capital Health, click here.

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To be eligible for a telemedicine appointment, you must be physically in New Jersey or Pennsylvania


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Important: Our policy does not guarantee that medication will be ordered or refilled during a visit.  Our providers can prescribe antibiotics, when medically necessary.  However, taking antibiotics when they are not needed can be harmful to your overall health.  Your provider may prescribe other medicine, or give you alternative tips to treat symptoms like fever and cough.

Telemedicine is not appropriate for refilling or prescribing controlled substances; therefore, prescriptions will not be provided for opioid, pain medications, anxiety medications or sleep aids.

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You will receive two text messages: one with a link to start the self-check in process and pin#.  Once you are checked in, you will be contacted to initiate the visit.