Maintaining Healthy Muscles

Click here to register online. This event is free and open to all Capital Health patients and employees.

Unlike other possessions in life that need routine maintenance like our homes and vehicles, we only get one body, and we can’t buy a new one. So why don’t we always take care of it the way we should? Stiff muscles, inflammation and chronic pain are common issues for the inactive, the recreational exerciser, as well as the serious athlete.

This 90-minute webinar will go through many of the different techniques and strategies for optimizing flexibility, mobility, muscle recovery, and pain management. Hosted by Jason Taylor, medical exercise program coordinator, we will cover everything from simple stretching to more complicated treatments such as Graston technique, cryotherapy and laser treatments. The webinar will allow time for questions at the end.

Program Highlights:

  • Why a basic stretching routine is important.
  • Ice or Heat? What is better for me?
  • Massage therapies, massage guns, etc. What can they do for me?
  • The “fancy” stuff. Graston, Cupping, Cryotherapy, Lasers.
  • Hydration, nutrition, etc.

This event will be taking place virtually using Zoom. A call-in option is available for those without video access. Meeting details will be provided via email on Wednesday, October 5.

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