PGY3 (Class of 2015)

Dr. Nazish Ahmad  NAZISH AHMAD, MBBS
Dr. Ahmad received her MBBS degree in 2008 from Baqui Medical and Dental College, Pakistan. She is a first generation Pakistani American who grew up in United States and went to Pakistan to pursue her medicine degree. She was a clinical research assistant at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA in the recent past.

She enjoys reading, music, and traveling. She is also an avid kick boxer, enjoys challenging mountain hikes and cooking creative recipes. She speaks Urdu, Hindi and Spanish.
Dr. Salman Azim  SALMAN AZIM, MD
Dr. Azim was born in Pakistan, and is a 2004 graduate of the University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Sciences Centre, Hungary. He was a recipient of several honors and awards during medical school. He worked in a community-based hospital in Pakistan as an instructor for teaching clinical medical assisting techniques, conducted research, and was a lab technician with the American Red Cross.

Besides English, he also speaks Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. He enjoys basketball, cricket, tennis, cycling, running, music, traveling, reading and teaching.  
Dr. Mihaela Chelu  MIHAELA CHELU, MD
Dr. Chelu received her medical degree in 2000 as a graduate of the Universitatea de Medicina Si Farmacie Carol Davila, Romania, graduating in the top 7% of her class. She was the recipient of a merit scholarship for all six years of medical school study. Dr. Chelu completed three years of internal medicine residency and a three-year gastroenterology fellowship at the Clinical Hospital Colentina, Romania. She is a certified specialist in gastroenterology since January 2007. She worked in two GI outpatient clinics in Bucharest, Romania before moving to the United States in 2009.

She speaks Romanian and French and has interests in reading, hiking, painting, and enjoying outdoor activities.
Dr. Rajiv Choudhary 

Dr. Choudhary is a 2000 graduate of Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Medical College, India. He completed a two-year residency in general surgery at St. Petersburg State Medical Academy, Russia. Following this, he returned to India to practice until 2009. More recently, he was a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

In his first year of residency, Dr. Choudhary published a chapter in the Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2013 entitled “Procalcitonin Use to Identify the Infected Heart Failure Patient."

He speaks Russian, French and Hindi, and his leisure interests are golf, photography and playing the piano.

Dr. Peter Gayed  PETER GAYED, MBChB
Dr. Gayed was born and raised in Assiut, Upper Egypt. He graduated from the University of Asyut, Egypt in May 2006 with an MBChB degree. He recently received a certificate as Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MA and was a research assistant at the same institution.

He speaks Arabic and enjoys soccer, swimming, horseback riding and gymnastics. His leisure hours are spent traveling, reading and listening to classical music.
Dr. Ronnie Mantilla  RONNIE MANTILLA, MD
Dr. Mantilla received his medical degree from the Universidad de Guayaquil, Ecuador in August 2007. He has been involved in numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts and poster presentations. His goal is to pursue fellowship training in pulmonary and critical care.

He speaks Spanish, was on his medical school swimming team, enjoys various outdoor sports, and likes to be challenged at chess.
Dr. Tatiana McKenna  TATIANA MCKENNA, MD 
Dr. McKenna is a 2008 graduate of Kazan State Medical University, Russian Federation. Prior to joining capital health, she worked part-time as an EMT with a first aid squad and was a certified EMT at a ski patrol base. She also worked as a medical advisor for Kaplan and a medical assistant.

Dr. McKenna presented her poster entitled “Pyogenic Liver Abscess: Imaging of the Abdomen in a Patient with Pneumonia-like Symptoms” at the 2013 Annual SGIM Conference.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano and the cello. She entertains herself by hiking, camping out, cooking and watching movies. 
Dr. Mher Onanyan  MHER ONANYAN, MD Dr. Onanyan received his medical degree from the Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia in 1996. He graduated with a Diploma of Honors for Excellence in medical school, noted to be one of the best students in his class. Upon graduating from medical school, he specialized in general surgery at the same university and worked at the same institution. He also served as teaching faculty until 2007. He rose to the rank of assistant professor and was continuously nominated as the top performing faculty by his students during his tenure. He was a contributor to multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and abstracts.

He speaks Armenian and Russian. He also is a music enthusiast and enjoys bicycling and soccer.
Dr. Andrey Samal  ANDREY SAMAL, MD
Dr. Samal is a 1999 graduate of Belarussian State Medical University. He trained in orthopedic surgery and practiced in Belarus until 2008. More recently, he has been conducting research at the University of Alabama (UAB) until 2011 followed by a clinical fellowship at UAB. He passed the ASN exam and is certified in ultrasonology. Dr. Samal has been a contributor to several peer-reviewed journal articles/abstracts, poster presentations and oral presentations.

He speaks Russian and Belorussian. His interests include active outdoor sports like tennis, soccer and hiking.   
Dr. Waqar Siddiqui  WAQAR SIDDIQUI, MD
Dr. Siddiqui is a 2008 graduate of Dow Medical College, Pakistan. In 2007, he was awarded a medal for being the best college cricket player and achieved a certificate for attending the Polio Vaccine Campaign during his final year of medical school. He worked in the United States as a medical and research assistant. During this time, he developed a video and a book on different interventional radiology procedures. His interest in nephrology resulted in the submission of two abstracts, which were published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented as posters at the American Society of Nephrology, San Francisco.

Dr. Siddiqui speaks Urdu and Hindi, enjoys playing cricket, volleyball, listening to music, watching movies and volunteering his time.


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