Q: When are the application deadlines?

        A. We accept applications through ERAS until January 15th.

Q: What are the dates for the interview period?

        A. Interviews are scheduled from October through February.

Q. Number of residents in each year?

        A. We have a categorical program with 13 residents in our PG1 year and 11 residents in each PG2 and PG3 years, 35 residents total.

Q. Do you offer / allow second looks?

        A. We do not encourage second looks.

Q. Do you offer / allow observerships?

        A. No.

Q. How many letters of recommendation do I need?

        A. Three plus a letter from the dean of your medical school

Q. Do you look at USMLE Scores? How important are they?

        A. We only review applications of those who passed all exams on their first attempt and scored above 210.

Q. What other required documentation do I need?

        A. Medical school transcripts

        B. USMLE Transcripts

        C. Personal statement

        D. ECFMG certification

        E. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

        F. Three Letters of Recommendation

Q. Do you offer visa sponsorship?

        A. No. We only accept applications of permanent residents and US citizens.
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