Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathology Department at Capital Health
Capital Health Regional Medical Center and Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to inpatients and members of the community with speech and language, cognitive and swallowing impairments due to developmental delay and disorder, cerebrovascular accident (stroke), traumatic brain injury and other medical, neurological and respiratory compromise. Our services are available at bedside for inpatients and in our departments for outpatients.We combine patient and family care and education along with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in order to increase communication, cognitive and swallowing function. Therapy is designed to be functional and realistic as well as enjoyable. Discharge planning is a cooperative effort between patients and therapists.

Speech Pathology Services
Speech pathology services are offered to inpatients and members of the community of all ages and include:

  • Speech and language assessment and treatment
  • Swallowing assessment and treatment
  • Videofluoroscopy
  • Voice assessment and treatment
  • Fluency assessment and treatment
  • Assessment and treatment for disorders related to brain injury and/or neurologic impairments
  • Laryngectomy rehabilitation

Speech and Language Services
Speech and language skills are essential for living a functional and enjoyable life. These skills are important for people of all ages -- from children who are just beginning to acquire speech and language and are getting prepared to enter school to adults who have had strokes or other medical complications that have affected how they communicate. Communication is a vital function and we work to maximize the speech and language skills of those who are in need of our services.

Cognitive Services
Cognitive evaluations and therapies are provided for patients and community members with traumatic brain injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, falls and other head injuries. Our services target increasing cognitive and communications skills. Some of these skills include comprehension, problem solving, memory, organization, orientation and attention.

Swallowing Services
Swallowing evaluations and therapies are offered to assess safety and tolerance for diets. Our focus is for safe nutritional intake. We provide swallowing assessments at bedside and in our departments as well as videofluoroscopy with our radiology departments.

Capital Health offers practica to graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology. This allows us the opportunity to be progressive and current when providing assessment treatment to our patients. Practica last 8-12 weeks. Graduate students work under the constant and direct supervision of a licensed, certified speech-language pathologist.

Contact Us
We realize the responsibilities of families and have flexible hours of operation. We also offer free parking at both locations. Transportation can be arranged for some patients with special needs. Please call if you have any questions or to arrange an evaluation time. Listed below are the names of the staff members at both of our campuses and the main office phone numbers.

Capital Health Regional Medical Center
Scott Littig, MA, CCC/SLP
Sandra Stein, MS, CCC/SLP
Phone: (609) 394-6153
Fax: (609) 278-6516

Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell
Heather Baron, MA, CCC/SLP
Cheri Weber, MA, CCC/SLP
Phone: (609) 394-4176
Fax: (609) 394-4642

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