Interview Day & Preparation

Interview experience

The interview season at Capital Health is a busy yet enlightening experience. The faculty and staff look forward to meeting applicants who have been invited for an interview, knowing that a small percentage of them will be offered a contract to train the following year. We receive many applications from highly qualified individuals, and it is unfortunate we are unable to meet with everyone. Last year, we received more than 2,000 applications and scheduled more than 130 applicants for interviews.

When interviewing applicants, we look for evidence of a high likelihood of success as a resident in internal medicine and look for clear strengths in a number of the following areas: communication skills, reliability, enthusiasm, professionalism, humanism, interest in the well-being of those the hospital was founded to serve, and interest in the well-being of the residency as a whole. We assess the likelihood of cooperating with and helping peers within the residency, desire to succeed, and evidence of being a student of medicine. We look for applicants who demonstrate that they believe that the business of medicine is patient care, patient education, and disease prevention.

Interview day

Applicants who are invited to interview will receive an invitation from Interview Broker, which allows applicants to schedule their own interview. Applicants must schedule their interview within seven days of receiving the invitation to remain active in our applicant pool. Applicants are able to reschedule their interviews via Interview Broker up to seven days before their scheduled interview. Our interview days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (with a few exceptions around the holiday weeks). Applicants may choose from either a morning session, which starts at 9 a.m. (except on Fridays, morning sessions start at 10 a.m.) or an afternoon session, which starts at noon.

Interviews are held in the Internal Medicine Residency Department at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, 750 Brunswick Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey, 08638. Free parking is available in the employee/visitor parking lot directly across Brunswick Avenue from the Main Lobby. If you are arriving by public transportation (taxi, Uber, etc.) you may securely store your belongings in the residency offices during your interview. Applicants are asked to report to the front desk at Capital Health Regional Medical Center and will be greeted and escorted to the department by an Internal Medicine Residency staff person.

The interview season at Capital Health runs from late October through January with an average of four to six interviews per day. Applicants meet individually with the program director and a faculty member. Then they are given a group tour by one of our medical residents and attend a networking luncheon with residents who are available to answer additional questions. Please allow approximately four hours for your session.

Our goal is to recruit residents who will become well-rounded, compassionate, energetic internists or who will continue on to become knowledgeable, talented subspecialists. At the end of their three years with us, residents will reach the maximal level of attainment permitted by their inherent talent level, their other experiences to date, and by their other major life responsibilities.