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Food & Entertainment

Check here for latest updates on what rides, games and food will be available at our 2016 Fall Carnival, as well as who will be appearing in our Hospitality Tent.


Our carnival will feature at least 16 different rides, including:

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Carousel
  • Castle Mania (obstacle course)
  • 4x4 Carousel
  • Classic Car Carousel
  • Lady Bug Carousel
  • Sooper Jet (mini coaster)
  • Bear Affair (spinning ride)
  • Fun Slide
  • Spinner
  • Swinger
  • Sizzler
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Sea Ray
  • Round Up
  • Zipper


Test your skills and win a prize at one of our game booths, including:

  • Ball Toss
  • Basketball Toss
  • Bowler Roller
  • Cork Guns
  • Derby Cow Race
  • Fun Factory Center (water game)
  • Scat Cat
  • Water Gun Fun


Getting hungry? No problem. Stop by vendor row to enjoy some delicious carnival fare. With a variety of food vendors being featured at our carnival, there should be no problem finding something delicious to satisfy your craving!

Hospitality Tent

As part of our community theme, community health and educational groups will be offering information under our Hospitality Tent.

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