2nd Annual Primary Care Conference

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the indications, safety profile, and adverse effects of new therapies in dermatology
  • Review the current standards for genetic screening and counseling 
  • Identify solutions to common psychiatric conditions encountered in the primary care setting 
  • Discuss current standards in the care and management of cardiovascular patients 
  • Review the role of nutritional science in the prevention and reversal of disease 
  • Describe strategies that may be used by the primary care provider in the management of patients with opioid addiction 
  • Discuss new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the management of common GI disorders 
  • Identify the challenges our current healthcare culture creates in providing high quality, compassionate and cost-effective care 
  • Discuss teaching methods for comprehensive health education to improve the overall health of our community

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