St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

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For Physicians & Clinicians

How do I refer patients?

Generally, our admissions come through our Pediatric Emergency Department. Simply call the Pediatric Emergency Department at 609-303-4466 and let them know the patient is coming in and your expectations (eg., a call back, admission, studies requested). We accept direct admissions for patients who are stable and may be put at risk by an ED visit (Hyperbilirubinemia, FTT). For those, please call the pediatric floor at 609-537-6019 and ask for the hospitalist.

How do I receive updates on my patients?

Upon admission, you will receive a telephone call from the emergency department. Upon discharge, a summary will be faxed to your office. If requested, you can recieve a daily telephone update and discharge telephone call. We will also notify your practice about any significant change in your patient's status or if specific follow up must be discussed. You can also call directly to the pediatric hospitalist at 609-537-5702 for an update or concern.

Can I follow my own patients?

Certainly, if you have hospital privileges, we will be happy to admit your patients and then place them on your service for their hospital course. We are always available in emergent situations or as a resource for your private patients. Also, we encourage social visits or telephone calls and will be happy to relay messages to patients and families.

How are transfers handled?

Occasionally, an inpatient will need to be transferred to a tertiary care facility. We discuss this with the family and present the options that are available to them, taking into account the patient’s medical history, resources available, timing, and your practice preferences. After this discussion, your practice will be notified and included in the transfer planning.

Do you have specialty services?

Currently, we have pediatric neurology and pediatric infectious disease physicians as well as surgeons, orthopedic and ENT physicians who are very comfortable and competent with pediatric patients. Our Echo’s and EKG’s are read by St. Chris Cardiology. Capital Health is committed to adding in the near future additional pediatric specialties and a PECU (step-down unit).

Can I obtain access to the Capital Health computer systems in order to follow my patients’ labs, studies, consults, and ER notes?

Yes, practitioners who are on the medical staff can easily check our system which will have all of the above from their home or office computers. It is a great way to further ensure continuity of care.