Liver Cancers Screenings & Treatment

CyberKnife Radiosurgery Treatments for Liver Cancer

The CyberKnife System offers patients a new option for liver cancer treatment. The CyberKnife System uses the Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System to track tumor motion as patients breathe normally, and adjusts the radiation beam accordingly. The Synchrony System correlates the rise and fall of the chest with the actual location of the tumor in X-ray images. As a result, during CyberKnife treatment, patients can lie comfortably and breathe normally without any frames, and are not asked to hold their breath or perform any complex breathing maneuvers. The Synchrony System can track moving targets with an accuracy of one millimeter or better, which allows clinicians to deliver radiation precisely to the tumor and limit exposure to healthy surrounding tissue.

Treatment of Liver Cancer Using CyberKnife

The treatment regime for liver is similar to that of lung. During the first step, the patient is scheduled for a short outpatient procedure in which three to six fiducials – tiny gold seeds each about the size of a grain of rice – are inserted into and around the liver tumor. The CyberKnife System uses these fiducial markers as reference points to identify the exact location of the tumor during treatment. Once fiducials are implanted, the patient must wait approximately one week before CyberKnife treatment planning can begin to ensure that fiducial movement has stabilized.

During set-up and imaging, you will be fitted for a custom body cradle, which is designed to help keep you more comfortable and ensures consistent positioning for both imaging and treatment. You will be fitted with a special Synchrony vest, which is worn during CyberKnife treatment and enables the robot to correlate chest motion and breathing patterns with the tumor position. The data generated with the vest allows the CyberKnife robot to precisely follow the tumor’s motion as it delivers each beam of radiation, ensuring safe and accurate radiation delivery.

Within a few weeks after a treatment plan is developed by our CyberKnife team and your doctors, you will return to Capital Health for treatment. Doctors may choose to deliver the liver cancer treatment in one session, or stage it over several days. If treatment is being delivered in stages, you will need to return for additional treatments over the next several days as determined by your doctors. Liver cancer treatments are typically completed within one week.

Once treatment is complete, most patients quickly return to their daily routines with little interruption to their normal activities. After CyberKnife treatments, most patients experience minimal side effects, which typically go away within the first week or two after treatment.
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