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Peer-to-Peer Connection Support Program

Our Peer-to-Peer Connection Support Program is a free service for those newly diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment at Capital Health Cancer Center. The program matches patients with volunteer peer mentors who have gone through similar treatments and experiences and understand your journey.

This program can be a pathway forward for you during an uncertain time. People who have a strong support system often have greater success in adapting to and completing their treatments.

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, you may be experiencing a wide range of feelings and emotions. Our goal is to provide support to help ease the anxieties, stresses, and fears that may arise during your cancer journey.

Your Peer Mentor

In this program, you are matched with a trained, volunteer peer mentor who has “walked in your shoes” as a cancer patient — ideally, someone who was diagnosed with a similar type or stage of cancer. The peer mentor provides one-on-one support, a listening ear, and guidance in a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential environment.

Your peer mentor will:

  • Help you explore new strategies for coping and thriving
  • Offer non-medical advice and tips
  • Increase your knowledge of information and available resources
  • Discover new paths to advocate for you and your family
  • Identify tools and tactics you can use throughout your journey


Patients who are involved in peer support programs find them empowering and rewarding. By becoming a program participant, you can:

  • Feel less alone
  • Become empowered in facing your diagnosis and treatments
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Better manage side effects on your road to wellness
  • Enhance your quality of life

Who Can Participate

Newly diagnosed Capital Health Cancer Center patients may participate in the Peer-to-Peer Connection Support program. There is no cost to participate.

Getting Started

Our Peer-to-Peer Connection Support Program starts with a simple phone call to 609-537-6363 or through a referral from your health care provider. The program administrator will conduct a brief consultation with you to share information about the program and to discuss your cancer type, needs and preferences.

Your Peer Connection

After your consultation with the program administrator and completion of your request form, you will be matched with a volunteer peer mentor. You will be introduced to one another and provided guidance on topics to explore and how you may wish to communicate. Together, you and your peer volunteer mentor can choose how often you wish to connect and what method will work best for you both – by phone, in person, virtually, via email or text messaging – or any combination of these methods.

Volunteer Peer Mentoring

As a cancer survivor, you are uniquely equipped to give the gift of support and hope to someone who has been recently diagnosed. You will receive training in order to provide the best possible support to patients. As a volunteer peer mentor, you will:

  • Agree to program guidelines and complete training with an oncology social worker
  • Support someone going through a similar experience with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding
  • Help a patient adjust to cancer and treatments, giving them the opportunity to live more fully through survivorship
  • Listen nonjudgmentally and provide a safe space for someone to be themselves wherever they are in their journey
  • Provide non-medical support in terms of information and resources that the patient may wish to explore
  • Encourage patients to raise concerns with their physician and medical team
  • Be open to ongoing training and coaching

To become a volunteer peer mentor, you must have completed your cancer treatment at least one year prior to participation. We welcome peer mentors regardless of where they were diagnosed and treated.

Call 609-537-6363 for more information on our Peer-to-Peer Connection Support Program or to become a volunteer peer mentor.