Clinical Trials

Clinical trials offer patients the very latest in cancer care while giving physicians and researchers the opportunity to study the effectiveness of the treatment. The Capital Health Cancer Center participates in many National Cancer Institute, University and Pharmaceutical Phase III clinical trials. Our oncologists and research nurses carefully review the study criteria, potential benefits, risks, and other considerations with eligible patients before enrolling in a clinical study. The staff in our Clinical Research Department will carefully monitor you throughout the clinical trial and answer any questions you may have about the trial.

Please contact Tina Bergner, RN, BSN, OCN, oncology clinical research coordinator, at 609-537-7042 or e-mail her at [email protected] for more information.

Active clinical trials currently being offered:

Brain studies

NRG-BN001: Randomized Phase II Trial of Hypofractionated Dose-Escalated Photon IMRT or Proton Beam Therapy vs. Conventional Photon Irradiation with Concomitant and Adjuvant Temozolomide in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma

A071102:  A Randomized Trial of Veliparib or Placebo in Combination with Adjuvant Temozolomide in Newly Diagnosed GBM with MGMT Promoter Hypermethylation (currently on sponsor initiated interim hold since 10/2016)

Breast studies

A011202: A Randomized Phase III Trial Comparing Axillary Lymph Node Dissection to Axillary Radiation in Breast Cancer Patients (cT1-3 N1) who Have positive Sentinel Lymph Node Disease After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304: A Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial Evaluating Post-Mastectomy Chest Wall and Regional Nodal XRT and Post-Lumpectomy Regional Nodal XRT in Patients with Positive Axillary Nodes Before Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Who Convert to Pathologically Negative Axillary Nodes After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

A011104:  Effect of Preoperative Breast MRI on Surgical Outcomes, Costs and Quality of Life of Women with Breast Cancer

NRG BR-003: A Randomized Phase III Trial of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Doxorubicin Plust Cyclophosphamide Followed by Weekly Paclitaxel with or without Carboplatin for Node-Positive or High Risk Node-Negative Triple-Negative Invasive Breast Cancer

MATCH studies

EAY131: Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH) – Patients enrolled in study will have a tumor biopsy for molecular characterization and those with molecular variants addressed by treatments included in the trial will be offered treatment. Patients with histologically documented solid tumors and lymphomas whose disease has progressed following at least one line of standard systemic therapy or for whom no standard therapy exists will be registered on the screening step to undergo tumor biopsy and analysis.

Pancreas studies

A021501: Preoperative Extended Chemotherapy vs. Chemotherapy plus Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for Borderline Resectable Adenocarcinoma of the Head of the Pancreas (pending WIRB review, CH IRB approved)

Spine studies

RTOG 0631: Phase II/III study of image-guided radiosurgery/SBRT for localized spine metastasis

  • Post-Mastectomy ROM Study - (Dr. Lisa Allen) – Comparison of Upper Extremity Range of Motion in Post-Mastectomy Patients with and without formal mobility exercise education and initiation at time of mastectomy
  • Radiation Oncology Studies - Establishing an anticipatory model for anxiety and depression through a screening tool for first-time radiation oncology patients
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey – African American Woman’s Circle of Health Breast Cancer Research Study
  • Dana-Faber/Brigham and Woman’s Cancer Center (Dr. Geoffrey Oxnard) – INHERIT EGFR (Genetic Mutation T790M Lung Registry Study)