St. Francis Medical Center Transition to Capital Health

For more information on St. Francis Medical Center’s transition of services to Capital Health, click here.


Giving appreciated securities (stock) is a convenient way to support Capital Health while gaining tax advantages. You will receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock on the date of the gift, provided you have owned the securities for more than 12 months. Most donors avoid liability for capital gains tax otherwise due on the sale of securities.

When the security (stock) is held by your broker or commercial banker:
Notify your broker that your want to give securities to Capital Health and send a letter to the broker and the Capital Health Development Office. Include the amount of shares, the name(s) of the stock(s), and state your intention for the gift. In the letter, direct your broker to transfer your gift into the Capital Health Development Office’s account. If the broker has any questions, he/she can call the Development Office at 609-303-4121 for further instructions. To transfer stock to the Capital Health Development Office's account, your broker can use the following: 

Capital Health
DTC # 2039
Institution # 94952
ID Agent # 94952
Agent Internal Account # 11102-C
SEI Private Trust Company
Attn: Securities Transfer Administrator
One Freedom Valley Drive
Woodlands 2
Oaks, PA 19456

When the security (stock) is in your name and in your possession:

  • You must obtain the Stock/Bond Power from your broker or banker.
  • Sign the Stock/Bond Power and have your signature notarized. Sign exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate. If the security is jointly owned, both owners must sign the stock/bond power.
  • Mail the signed Stock/Bond Power and the signed Release Form in a separate envelope to the address below along with a copy of your letter of transmittal.
  • Mail unendorsed certificates by first class or registered mail with a letter of transmittal to Capital Health.
  • If the certificates are already endorsed, send them by insured mail or deliver them in person to the Development Office.

Valuation of your stock
The gift value of securities is the mean of the high and low prices on the date that the stock shares are transferred by your broker and received in the Capital Health Development Office’s account or hand delivered or mailed (date of the later postmark if not the same) in negotiable form to the Capital Health Development Office.