Welcome from Dr. Randi Protter

Women’s Health is Not Just a Profession; It's My Passion!

I loved taking care of women right from the beginning of my medical studies. When I was in medical school I was able to track specifically into women’s health, where I discovered a major void for delivering healthcare services to women that are comprehensive and convenient.

At the Center for Women’s Health at Capital Heath, we have successfully launched a breakthrough program designed to serve women in a new and unique way. Our coordinated care model with a Patient Navigator helps take much of the anxiety and frustration out of the equation. If a patient requires three imaging sessions and a specialist for an unrelated symptom, we’ll do what we can to schedule all the appointments at days and times which are convenient, often back-to-back on the same day. We handle all referrals and place all calls to specialists, subspecialists, and pharmacies.

Our philosophy is to treat the whole woman through our comprehensive approach to women's healthcare. Instead of treating each separate part of a woman, we look at our patients in total and treat the entire woman. At the Center for Women’s Health your care is not only about your physical well-being but your emotional and metal health as well.

As a wife, a working mother of two children and a daughter myself, I fully understand the unique role of women as the caretakers of their families—not to mention chefs, chauffeurs and event planners! We are often so busy taking care of everyone else that our own healthcare needs are placed on the back burner. The Center for Women's Health was created especially with the needs of today's multi-tasking women in mind. No longer will you need to take time off from work three different times for your annual physical, blood tests and a mammogram for example. Instead, our Patient Navigator will help you schedule these so you can do everything in one visit. And in the event that you must follow up with a specialist, we can refer you to one of the many experienced physicians on Capital Health's medical staff, many of whom are located right on our campus.

I believe that women need a “medical home,” one place, one physician, one healthcare team that coordinates all of your medical needs. When the body is unwell the mind is unwell; when the mind is unwell the body is unwell. Healthcare providers must include the reality of a woman's life—things like her stress, her emotional health and her diet. Factors such as these can all impact a woman's overall health and it is critical to get information about them to accurately assess the state of her health.

Our approach is very different from a traditional physician’s office. We have established a comfortable place where you can visit with compassionate female physicians and discuss all of your concerns. We take a 360 degree view of our patients so that even if you come in with a minor ailment, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your comprehensive history. Then we can determine where you are today so we can point you in the right direction for the future.

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Women's Health. We are proud to offer a tremendous coordination of care that is not available anywhere else under one roof and hope that you will become part of our community.

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